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You may play the game as often as you wish for FREE. An online version of the "legal" word list for competition or fun is available or you can use an official Scrabble Dictionary or the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 1954 version.
I will be monitoring the competition personally in an effort to keep everything fair and honest. There are no prizes or awards--just the pleasure of becoming a Champion. The name of the champion for each puzzle will be listed on each puzzle with the amount you need to unseat them printed in the yellow circle. Ties will be accepted and all names that tie will be written above the puzzle. The original champ's totals will remain on the puzzle in the shaded boxes just for information.


You start by printing the puzzle, then work on it off the air.
Each letter listed has a point value as given in the list just below the puzzle. Use words with the highest possible value to complete the crossword puzzle. Total the letters across and place in the empty box. No words may be used twice.
Every puzzle will have different values for each letter. You choose your own words using words with the highest value that you can find. By changing your first word of a puzzle, you will start a completely new puzzle which may give you more points. Some puzzles have "hot" spots which will allow you to double your score for that square. Use them wisely.

You may start on any puzzle you wish; there is no particular order. The higher the puzzle number, the harder the puzzles get. There are two puzzles to start with more being added as each puzzle has at least one champion.

You can enter as many puzzle variations as you wish. Each time someone beats you, you can send in another one to unseat him or her.

Email a copy of your entry when you have succeeded in beating the score of the current champion. Your entry must include your name, the puzzle number, your total score and the complete word list that you used for the puzzle. NO WORD MAY BE USED TWICE. If you wish, you can just scan your puzzle and word list and email it as an attachment. An incorrect entry will be returned and can be resubmited when corrected.

If you do not have email, please mail your entry in by regular mail. Your entry will applied at the time it is received. Be sure to include your name, puzzle number, the total score and the complete word list of words used for the puzzle. You may just send a photo copy of your puzzle and word list if you prefer. If someone unseats you before you get yours in, it will still be placed in the list as one who beat a current champion.

Each and every puzzle will have its own Champion. You can be the champion for each one...if you can do it!!!!! Give it a try.

Bookmark this site and continue on to join in the fun!!!