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Psalm 91 Scramble plays similar to other scrabble games but with very different results! Mixed in with the following information are 3 samples to give you an idea how one verse looks in play, then imagine playing up to 16 verses at one time!

Psalm 91 verses have been separated into 2 to 4 segments for a total of 49 micro cards for each of 2 copies of the Psalm. You will be playing with 98 micro cards, which I will call tiles for short from now on.

The purpose of the game is to assemble each verse with the 2 copies the verse interlocking with each other both horizontally and vertically. Points are earned for each play, according to where you can place them.

Each player draws 1 tile and plays every turn; each player has a "hand" of 8 or 10 tiles which they keep filled as they use them up during play, anywhere from 1 to 4 tiles per turn. The person who places the last segment on any verse gets a 10 point bonus! If one player can place the last card so that he/she completed both copies of the verse, they get to double the score.

Once the draw pile is used up, things get very tense. During the regular play, scores are usually very close, but the last 10 plays for each person can make or break them. Trying to keep from setting up a play for someone else, hanging on to key verses when you can, and deciding when and where to play becomes very important.

You KNOW at this point that someone else has the scripture portions You want when you don't have them, so if you set something up without having the final play yourself, someone else will get the verse completion or the double score.

Actually, there is a lot of strategy with how you play the first part of the game so that you have the right tiles handy at the end. At times you are forced to play when you don't want to do so. You cannot pass or skip. When there is no draw pile left and you cannot play, you have to pass and wait until you can play when it is your turn. This rarely happens when the game is this far advanced. Why? Because all 16 verses are in play by this time, some completed, so you know that everyone at the end has tiles to play.

If you are forced to wait a turn, sometimes you can play several tiles at once to grab something and make up for the missed turn. While there is a lot a "luck" in most games, this one includes strategy as well. It makes you want to play again so that you can use what you learn each time you play.

Give it a try. Most people really enjoy this one; it is one of our favorite games!