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Fun way to learn and memorize...a challenge to earn points.

Psalms 23 game is designed to provide fun while learning to stretch the memory in a constructive way. The game includes 37 tiles, saddle-stitched rules booklet and a sturdy box.

Can be enjoyed by young and old alike just for a wholesome game as it requires skill to decide where to place the tiles for the most points.

Points can be earned by matching exact verses but more challenging and worth more points is connecting verses in a consecutive order. The more verses that are in a consecutive order, the more points that can be won. The picture in the middle, when placed facing you doubles your points! Facing away from you will give the person it faces 5 extra points at the end of the game.

It takes concentration but not a lot of brains which allows for social exchanges while you play without losing your chain of thought.

If you can read, you can play! Great for grandparents playing with their grandchildren! Play in teams and work together to get the best points out of each turn.

The tiles are durable and should last a very long time. No two games will ever be the same. Buy two games for more players; this would really make it challenging.

There will be other Psalms developed which you will be able to mix and match with this one for real variety and versatility. You can even invent your own rules if you are creative.

Above all, saturate your mind with the wholesome truths in the scripture verses presented. Win or lose the game, you will always be a winner with this game.