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2. This game is an updated version and a different set of rules. It comes WITHOUT A BOX to enable it to be sold at a lower price. A box adds $10 to the cost.

Complete Game: Price $27.99 $25.99 USD $19.99 special!

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Grab land fast, develop and sell and rebuy before anyone else can grab it!

Develop and sell property faster than your competition and at the same time try to keep them from buying your choice property before you can get back there to grab it, develop it and sell it again! GRAB LAND when you can!

There is some real strategy involved; wrong choices can cost you time and money. Property is scarce and the race is on to get what you can and reach $50,000 before anyone else can do so!It takes around an hour for two, longer for 3 or 4. You can shorten it by having a winner at $30,000.

Circumstances hamper your driving and flying, keeping you hopping around the board as you try to reach properties you want before it is sold to someone else.

This game is fast paced; the faster you play, the better the chances are that someone will make a wrong decision which gives you an edge, unless, of course, the wrong decision is yours!

This game has been over 12 years in developing, and we hope you find our efforts worthwhile. Enjoy! Be sure to stop to take a breath once in a while; it will give you time to plan a bit, maybe...

The game includes four-fold board, playing pieces, rules and dice for two players. Four to six players can play if you provide them playing pieces from other games that you have on hand. A second alternative is to buy old games at thrift shops that have the game pieces you want for one or two dollars and throw away the old board and box.

My husband and I play this game almost every day while we eat our dinner and have some real "wars" going on. It is a lot of fun once you understand the rules. Since all our games are "creative" games, we recommend that you start creating your own rules from time to time to give variety to your game. We are forever changing rules and go back and forth. Just make sure you are on the same page when you start a game! Enjoy!