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           The Grabbit game is downloadable! The download is one pdf Binder file that contains the files to print your
             own games, complete with rules and instructions.
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Grabbit Extention Tile Game GRABBIT

Our New extension tile game! ...a version for everyone! DOWNLOAD NOW!

You may print as many copies of the game as you wish. We do ask that you do not SELL them or pass on the files. Let us do that! Thank you for your support.


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From solitaire to a group! Can be tailored to your own needs...the beauty of home created games! Would even work at a party for team playing.

You can make it short or drag it out all evening, especially if you are bored and want to play a good game of solitaire against yourself! There are 96 tiles.

Easy to learn. You just need to know how to count and match colors to create countries. Even younger children can play if someone does the scoring for them. Many interesting and devious ways can be devised as you go to win points.

Create your own rules once you have tried it and understand how the tiles can be used.

Try it! Prints on FOUR pages of legal-size cardstock. Just cut them out and play!

GOAL: The colored squares represent parts of different countries. Sample fully explained in Rules when you purchase the game.

Grabbit Sample The more of any one color you can group together, the larger your points. But that also is an advantage for your competition! The idea is to completely enclose any group of colored squares that are the same so that another tile cannot be attached to it.

The rules explain all the details and some of the strategies possible to close countries and also to stop others from closing countries so that you can have a chance to close those as well. Note: Same rules apply for Solitaire but you control the board!

These are refered to as closed countries and are worth a lot more points. The goal is to create countries while trying to keep your competition from creating "closed" countries.

You never know when someone might close a large area and really gain a lot of extra points! For 2-4 squares, bonus is 100 points, for 4-9 squares, 200 points and 10 or more squares, 300 points. There is no advantage in trying to create larger squares; more smaller ones makes it possible to close 2 or more properties at once!

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