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CONTENTS: 48 sturdy, double-sided tiles, 1 draw-string bag for tiles and 90 game pieces in red and green. No box.

Imagine yourself as the Commander in Chief of a small but wealthy country! You control Energy, Farming and Food Production, Mining and Engineering and Commerce, in all the various aspects of each division through Cabinet Ministers you earn to work with you.

This is your main goal, but it is not as easy to achieve as you might think, when there are other candidates all working towards the same goal!

The 48 tiles have four different fields of action, which makes the game completely different every time it is played. The combinations possible are endless.There is a fifth field which is grey, a nutural field with no value and is not a country. Use them wisely to get into holes that you could not otherwise get into, especially when you are trying do two or three sides in one turn, which sometimes happens.

Competition is stiff and there can be many ups and downs. Perhaps you are great in one area and poor in another. The final goal is to reach the top of all four fields, as well as the President of the company. Everyone you are playing with will try to stop you when it is to their advantage to do so or trick you into going somewhere else to prevent you from seeing a spot you could close.

Like chess, you could probably spend hours figuring out where to move during the last half of the game. It is so easy to miss a fantastic score. You have four tile faces to choose from each turn, two double-sided tiles always in your hand, but you can only place one tile per turn.

When your play is over, pick up one more tile and try to figure out your next move, taking into consideration what comes available from the each tile being played.

It can be a lot of fun, but you have to be tough enough to both lose or gain a playing piece without getting frustrated because it happens over and over both ways!!